• Work scope preparation for geotechnical services
  • Foundation type recommendations (shallow spread footings, drilled shafts, driven pilings, micropiles, push-piles, soil nailing, rammed aggregate piers, etc.)
  • Soil parameters for shallow and deep foundations.
  • Geotechnical parameters for Load Resistance Factor Design (LRFD).
  • Lateral load analyses.
  • Retaining wall analyses.
  • Seismic Site Class determination.
  • Alternatives for spread footings or deep piling foundations.
  • Global stability analyses.
  • Settlement calculations based on laboratory consolidation test results.
  • Permeability calculations for soils or bedrock based on slug test data obtained from monitoring wells and piezometers or double-rig inflitration tests.
  • Pavement design and life cycle cost analysis (LCCA).
  • Pressuremeter testing and related data interpretation.
  • Subgrade soil observations and evaluations for construction projects.
  • Site explorations to determine presence of environmental contamination (Phase 2).
  • Soil and water sampling for chemical analyses.

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