• Marquette Interchange - Milwaukee, WI

    Hollow-stem auger and mud rotary drilling for geotechnical exploration for HNTB Corporation. Multiple drilling rigs on site to perform soil borings for the North Leg, West Leg, and Core sections of the project. Soil borings performed up to 200 feet deep. Coordination required with Milwaukee County Highway Department for traffic control.

  • MMSD Harbor Siphons - Milwaukee, WI

    Mud rotary drilling and hollow-stem auger drilling methods used for geotechnical exploration. Bedrock was cored to depths of 320 feet. Field work included packer testing of the bedrock during the coring. Piezometers were installed into the boreholes for slug testing and long-term water level readings to calculate groundwater permeability rates of the bedrock.

  • West Campus Cogeneration Facility - Madison, WI

    Geotechnical and environmental drilling and sampling for new chilled water and steam facility serving the UW-Madison campus. Installed monitoring wells into bedrock and performed slug testing of the wells for groundwater permeability rate calculations.

  • K. I. Sawyer Air Force Base - Gwynn, MI

    Hollow-stem auger drilling to install monitoring wells and gas probes. We also used the HydroPunch system to collect water samples at successive depths within the same borehole.

  • Verona Road Stages 1 and 2 – Dane County, WI

    Hollow-stem auger and mud rotary borings for roadways, sign structures, bridge structures, and retaining walls. Some of the bridge borings were performed at night to allow closure of one lane of traffic on USH 151. Performed pressuremeter tests of soft soils to provide additional information related to bearing capacity for proposed roadway embankments. Field sampling included coring of bedrock at the Williamsburg Way bridge location. Laboratory testing program included rate of consolidation of soft cohesive soils. We prepared geotechnical reports that included LRFD computations for bridge and retaining wall foundations.

  • I-39/90 Expansion Project – Dane and Rock Counties, WI

    We are involved in each of the three design segments extending from the Illinois/Wisconsin state line to Madison, Wisconsin. Continuing into 2016 we have completed soil borings of roadways, sign structures, ITS structures, culverts, bridges, and retaining walls. In addition we excavated test pits on existing roadway embankment side slopes and median side slopes to determine topsoil thickness and types of soils used to construct the outer portion of the embankments. We are preparing geotechnical roadway and structure reports for the North Segment and geotechnical structure reports for the North and South Segments. We are providing the soil sampling portion of the work scope for the Central Segment. Some of the roadway and bridge borings are performed at night to allow closure of one lane of traffic on the interstate with reduced conflicts with traffic.

  • Hartmeyer Ice Arena - Madison, WI

    Geotechnical exploration and report for a replacement ice rink. The field work required use of a split-barrel sampler only, due to presence of chiller pipes in the floor. The purpose of the sampling was to determine the depth of frozen soils in addition to the soil types and depth to groundwater. The sampling was completed with our split-tower CME 550X inside of the existing building.

  • IC&E Railroad Bridges, Iowa

    Drilled and sampled next to existing railroad tracks for replacement railroad bridges that were damaged due to a derailment. The field work required the use of a rubber tire ATV drilling rig.

  • Epic Systems Group; Verona, WI

    Drilling and sampling of soils and bedrock for a medical software development company campus. Structures include several multi-story, below-grade parking ramps; a 5,200-seat auditorium; an 11,000 auditorium; a 300,000 square-foot training center; a solar panel array field; and wind turbines. We are continuing to provide geotechnical engineering analyses for the variable site conditions and building loads for the expansions at the main campus. Site foundations used include spread footings, drilled pilings, and micropiles.


For airport projects, we sample and test soils, base course, hot-mix asphalt and concrete, perform laboratory testing, and provide geotechnical engineering analyses. Following are two examples for our airport projects.

  • Dane County Regional Airport;

    Drilling and sampling included 83 soil borings for Taxiway A reconstruction, 21 soil borings for Taxiway B construction, and 15 soil borings for South Hangar Area. The laboratory testing program included seven soil samples for modified Proctor curves and 3-point CBR curves.

  • General Mitchell International Airport;

    We worked on the Runway Safety Area Improvements projects including relocation of South 6th Street, College Avenue tunnel, Runway 7R, Runway 1L, and new airport service roads and related bridges. The drilling and sampling program included soil borings for geotechnical and environmental purposes. We prepared geotechnical engineering reports for a new 4-lane tunnel and retaining walls, a temporary bypass road, and relocation of South 6th Street. Slope stability analyses were completed for the tunnel’s retaining walls. We performed testing of compacted fill material, asphalt, and concrete for Runway 7R and for Runway 1L Construction and in 2015 we provided testing services for Runway 7R De-ice Pad.

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