• Sampling and testing of soils, aggregate, concrete, asphalt cement, hot-mix asphalt, emulsified asphalt, mortar, masonry units, concrete pavers, bricks, concrete beams, and silo staves.
  • Compaction (field density) testing using nuclear density test gauges or sand cone methods.
  • Moisture-density test curves, modified and standard Proctor methods.
  • Soils laboratory testing methods include: California Bearing Ratio, Atterberg limits, moisture content, organic content by loss on ignition, particle size distribution using hydrometer and sieve methods, rate of consolidation, compacted permeability rates, falling head permeability rates and constant head permeability rates.
  • Torque testing of bolted connections.
  • AASHTO-certified laboratory for soil, concrete, aggregate, and hot-mix asphalt.
  • WisDOT-approved laboratory.
  • QMP testing on WisDOT projects including concrete and aggregate base course, and field density of hot-mix asphalt pavement and MSE wall backfill.
  • Field and laboratory technicians certified through the Highway Technician Certification Program for WisDOT QMP projects.
  • Double-ring infiltrometer testing (for in-situ rate of permeability).
  • Slug testing of monitoring wells and piezometers (for in-situ rate of permeability).



AASHTO-certified laboratory.


The ASSHTO Accreditation program (AAP)
recognizes the competency of a
laboratory in construction material testing.

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